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We provide NIFTY 50 Option recommendations along with technical analysing tools

“Learn Before you Earn”

Be a Technical Trader

Techniques we use in stock trading

Stock trading is an easy way to make good amount of money just by looking at technical Charts, Graphs, Patterns and developing a trading Algorithm. It is easy once you understand the concept of C.G.P.A


Technical Chart will give you a basic idea of the stock.


Graph will provide the details about Support and Resistance of the stock.


Finding a Buy and Sell Pattern of the stock is the Key in Trading.


Finally make a trading Algorithm that ensures High profit with Less risk.

What are our goals

Most people with great caliber and intellect are facing a great problem to earn a good income. We would like to solve that by expanding the idea of stock trading to everyone.

Anyone can trade with a basic knowledge about the stock market, but with higher researches and with best mentors a good constant amount of money can be earned monthly from the Stock Market

Virtual Trading App

We developed an APP for Beginners and Traders

StockEx – A simple virtual trading platform by Btech Traders that provides a basic introduction to stock market and stock analysis. Users can buy and sell stocks virtually through our app without risking any money in the process. This app is for educational purposes only. We only provide virtual market data of the previous day, this could help traders to get educated with real time market fluctuations (1 Min refresh rate).

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StockEx- A Virtual Trading Platform

StockEx – A simple virtual trading platform by Btech Traders that provides a basic introduction to stock market and stock analysis

15 Days Tutorials

A 15 days tutorial has been setup for the beginners in the market as well as for the traders.

Live Portfolio and Orders

A live portfolio based on the stocks and FnO available in the market.

Real time Market News

A live update of market news which helps the investors and traders to plan their trades.

Quality Recommendation

High quality calls are given through the app for the traders to make a good amount of money.

InDepth Stock Analysis

All market aspects of a stock has been covered through the in depth stock analysis we have built.

Real time stock and FnO advices

Real time stocks and FnO is available in the app for virtual trading. Try your strategies.

Market Analysis and Technical Studies are Available.

This will help users to get a better glimpse of stock trading in options and equity without risking any money, meanwhile gaining knowledge about stock trading.

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StockEX- Virtual Trading App

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