Basic study about graphs



how to read graphs

Graphs are of different types, they mostly help in predicting the movement of market. We use Chartink Atlas tool to observe the live trend of the market.

It provides the overall trend, the volatility and also the presence of volume buzzing stocks in market. This feature enables us to view different market analysis in a single page.

When there is a huge volume in a stock, the price movement is very much clear, a good trader should have a keen eye towards the presence of volume and the overall market sentiments. 


Line Charts:

Line charts are mainly used to visually observe the market movement, we used this charting tool to view the market movements as how much of the stocks are moving up in the overall market. The chart is plotted with time as the X-Axis and Number of stocks trading higher than the previous close as Y-Axis.

Bar Charts:

These charts are used to view the percentage difference in the upward or downward movement of the stocks. We used Bar charts to view the most declining and advancing stocks w.r.t their percentage of movement. This gives a in depth view of which trend or movement persists in the market.

Pie Charts:

Pie charts are most widely used tool to view the sector wise representation of the stock market. The market can be divided into certain sectors, Each sector holds number of distinct stocks. The overall movement of the sector depends upon the individual movement of the underlying stocks.

Following is our Atlas tool that we use to determine the trading strategies. You can just copy the query code and create your own custom widgets to help you analyse the market with ease.

ChartInk Atlas

How to use chartink-atlas

Chartink Provides a innovative platform to view all market movement simultaneously and the best part is that it auto refreshes when you have a premium membership.

It is easy to setup your own dashboard with enough widgets to help you determine the overall market position.