Get rangoli and flowers in google pay, Its not a trick, just some steps to do which might bring you closer to winning all 5 stamps.

[Not free]
Trick 1: Try recharging your mobile with Rs.50 using GooglePay.
Trick 2: Try adding Rs.50 to your AmazonPay account using BHIM UPI

Not recommended: Try booking a product of Rs.50+ on Amazon, then cancelling it later.

The 3 steps in google pay
1. Gifting your friend a stamp
2. Scanning Diwali Lights [Cheat: Try focusing on random lights or mobile flash light]
3. Send money of Rs.35+ to your friend.

This is how you can get rangoli and flowers in google pay this diwali. Without even breaking a sweat, The three common stamps (Diya, Jhumka, Lantern) can be found. The other rare stamps like Rangoli and flower in Google pay can be found during bill payments or recharge. 


It is the easiest to find, Just by scanning your friend's mobile flash light


Try sending gifts to your friends to earn Jhumka


This is also similar to the above stamps, simple payment of scanning light will help you get it right away.


This is exclusively for bill payments or booking in amazon or flipkart


The rarest of all 5 stamps, Tough to get. People getting frustrated for finding this last stamp

How to get Stamps in Google Pay?

Google doesn’t reward you with flower or rangoli when you are transferring your money to your friends account, or sending them common stamps as gift. You can get the chance only when you do actual payments like mobile Recharge, Or Booking something on amazon/Flipkart. Hope you got all the answers you need, about getting rangoli and flowers stamps in google pay.

If you are still reading this, you must be asking yourself Why does a stock trader is explaining to you about finding some stamps worth of Rs.251, keep reading

[Promotional contents ahead]

How we got rangoli and flower stamp in Google Pay

We accidently got Flower while recharging a friend’s mobile, thats when we realised it’s something not many have tried, (Yes, people don’t quite recharge just to get a chance to win a stamp), by helping out a friend, we were one step ahead than most people.

Then we realised the underlying pattern, the next day we recharged our mobile, Voila, We got the rarest of all stamps Rangoli and yes that Rs.251 cash prize.

Finding a simple pattern and betting on it, made us grab our hands on something rare and profitable.

Now, we would like to introduce you to Trading, How about a fact that there exist a platform where you could bet on finding these simple patterns and earn money, thats what trading is all about. Like how most people missed out these patterns and ended up having 3 stamps, people missout the fact that,

When you trade based on patterns and alogirthms, chances are you might get some Rangoli or Flower by guessing the right pattern. It’s not entirely about luck or random guessing.

it’s about finding a pattern and betting your statergy.

The desperate Move

Try sending a feedback to google, like this (yes I did, exactly this), I don’t think this will help in finding the rare stamps, but it might calm you down. People are getting frustrated because they couldn’t find the last two stamps making them do irrational things.

Stock trading is an easy way to make good amount of money just by looking at technical Charts, Graphs, Patterns and developing a trading Algorithm. It is easy once you understand the concept of C.G.P.A

Technical Chart will give you a basic idea of the stock.

Graph will provide the details about Support and Resistance of the stock.

Finding a Buy and Sell Pattern of the stock is the Key in Trading.

Finally make a trading Algorithm that ensures High profit with Less risk.