How to open a Trading Account | EP2

Trading Account : This video gives an idea about how to start a Trading Account, It is mandatory to trade in Stock Market. We have given the details of documents required to start a Trading account and the preferred brokers. 

Types Of Stock Brokers : 

1. Full Brokers 

2. Discount Brokers  

Note: Please check the F and O segment in the trading segment while completing the form. 

Account Opening Charges vary according to some key points: 

1. Zerodha: They only reduce the account opening fee after transferring money into your trading account. 

2. Geojit : You can open an account without paying account opening charges by transferring 10k into your trading account. 

3. Fyers: You can start a trading account absolutely free, Unlike zerodha and geojit they provide option to open Trading Account seperately without opening a demat account.

 *Trading Account : You can trade F and O and Intraday trades using trading account

*Demat Account is mandatory if you want to take Equity deliveries* 

Note: By opening a trading account only, You can avoid the Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) and Account opening charges. If you open a Demat account also, there will be AMC. 

Opening an trading account: Click on the links below, Their customer support will contact you and guide you about the procedures for starting trading account.