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Veins 2 Veins.

Veins 2 Veins is a Blood Donor App with a user friendly interface. KCYM Palakkad has collaborated with Btech Traders to develop this application for the public use. 

Why Veins 2 Veins?

User Friendly Design

Design is liquid smooth with interactive buttons and transitions. All the pages are simple and elegant with lower response time.

Realtime Updation

Quick response time and faster querying makes our app one of the user friendly and smooth blood donor app available in the market.

OTP Verification

All the donors have to verify their mobile number. OTP verification is simple and fast.

Social Login

User can login with their google or facebook account from the login page. Social authenticators will provide you the necessary acess.

Offline Feature

Cache functions enables users to store the details of donors even when there is no internet access. No need to reload the page to get donor information.

Share donor details

Sharing donor info have made easy so that you can share that info with your friends via whatsapp or gmail.

App Screenshots