What is Stock Market | EP1

Stock Market: Our video tries to answer some of the main questions about “Stock Market” and “Stock trading” in malayalam so that everyone in kerala can easily understand. We are doing the comparisons between the profit percentages of Fixed Deposits (FD) vs Mutual Funds (MF) and Stock Trading (F and O). 

Market fluctuations: The cause of market fluctuations and the main differences between primary market and secondary market (Stock Exchanges) like NSE BSE, is explained in this video. 

Futures and Options: Most of the people trade in Equity Stocks mainly because they don’t know the potential of Option trading or because people have wrong notion about futures and options. Our video tries to give a proper information about stock trading and it’s potential. 

Stock Trading: It is an easy way to make good amount of money just by looking at technical Charts, Graphs, Patterns and Algorithm. It is easy once you understand the concept of C.G.P.A.

Charts. Graphs. Patterns. Algorithms